Islam for Kids; The Six Pillars of Iman

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,

The Six Pillars of Iman, also known as the articles of faith, are a portion of the foundation in which a Muslim’s beliefs stand on. These pillars are very important and hold heavy weight on the Day of Judgement.

1. Belief in Allah.
The first Pillar of Iman is the belief in the All-Powerful, Most Beneficent. Believing in Allah, above all else is the first and most important pillar. It is not only belief in Allah alone but in the way He is described through the Qu’ran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Hadits). This includes all 99 names that describe Allah.

2. Belief in Al-Malaa’ika (The Angels).
The second Pillar of Iman is the belief in Allah’s angels. The angels are messengers of Allah. They were created from light and were created, before humans, for the purpose of worshipping Allah. Al-malaikah the angels, the names and the-responsibilities.

3. Belief in Al Kitab (the books of Allah).
The third Pillar of Iman is the belief in the books of Allah. Here it is the belief that at the time when these books were sent down they truly were a message from Allah. The only book left is the Qur’an in its entirety, because it is the last revelation Allah will send to us. There are four books known to man: The Taurah sent with the Prophet Musa (Moses), the Zabur sent with the Prophet Dawud (David), the Injil sent with Prophet Isa (Jesus) and the Qur’an sent with Prophet Muhammad. We as Muslims are to believe in all of these books and not just the Qur’an.

4. Belief in the prophets, prayers and salutations of Allah be upon them (the Messengers of Allah).
The fourth Pillar of Iman is the belief in Allah’s Messengers. There are twenty five (25) Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. Prophet Muhammad SAW is the last and final Prophet. Prayers and salutations of Allah be upon him and upon all the messengers of Allah.

5. Belief in Yawmil Qiyaamah (Day Of Rising/The Last Day).
The fifth Pillar of Iman is the belief in the Last Day. This is the Day of accounting for all deeds; evil or good, big or small. In our lives we need to believe that all we do will have bearing on the Last Day. No one but Allah knows when this day will come, so it is up to us to live each day as if it was our last.

6. Belief in Qada and Qadar (Divine will and Decree).
The sixth Pillar of Iman is the belief in Qada and Qadar.

  • Belief in al-qada’ (the Divine will) is certain belief that everything that happens in this universe happens by the will and decree of Allah.
  • Belief in al-qadar (the Divine decree). In Saheeh Muslim (8) it is narrated that Ibn ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) heard that some people were denying al-qadar. He said: “If I meet these people I will tell them that I have nothing to do with them and they have nothing to do with me. By the One by Whom ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Umar swore, if one of them had gold equivalent to Mount Uhud and he spent it, Allaah would not accept it from him unless he believed in al-qadar”. The correct belief in al-qadar also involves believing in the following that the individual has free will by means of which he acts.

That a person’s will and ability do not operate outside the will and decree of Allaah, Who is the One Who has given him that ability and made him able to distinguish (between good and evil) and make his choice, as He says (interpretation of the meaning):
“And you cannot will unless (it be) that Allaah wills the Lord of the ‘Aalameen (mankind, jinn and all that exists)”
[al-Takweer 81:29]
That al-qadar is Allaah’s plan for His creation. What He has shown us of it, we know and believe in, and what He has hidden from us, we accept and believe in. We do not dispute with Allaah concerning His actions and rulings with our limited minds and comprehension, rather we believe in Allaah’s complete justice and wisdom, and that He is not to be asked about what He does, may He be glorified and praised.

These six pillars of Iman are important to all Muslims and should be held in high regard.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb.

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  1. Assalamualaikum Rahimah, I am Zahrin from Malaysia after reading your good writing about the pillars i just want to give a small 10 cents sharing about how u appoint to Allah in your blog. Actually u cannot use “He” to point regarding Allah as for Allah is not a man or woman, its best to be “THEE”. because kids must not be confius to this.

    thank you. no offence

  2. Assalaamu alaykum varahmathullah
    jazakallah for the material
    i am using the content for the books for teaching kids


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