Review 2; Online Arabic Class | How to Ask Questions in Arabic

question markAssalamu’alaikum,

This is my 2nd review of our Arabic class with the Critical Language Service. For those who haven’t read my 1st review, please click here.

In this review I will show you how to ask basic questions using the eight key question words. We used the Arabic in 10 Minutes a Day as our textbook.

Although in Arabic language there are many question words, but I will focus on the EIGHT key question words. These are very useful Arabic words to express questions which is a great way to start learning Arabic and useful when you go on holiday to an Arabic-speaking country.

In English language we use 5W1H to ask basic questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why + How). In Arabic language, these questions are more specific.

1. Who = man مَن

2. What = maa ما or madhaa ماذا

3. Where = ayna أينَ

4. When = mata متى

5. Why = limaadhaa لماذا

6. How = kayfa كيف

7. How many = kam كم

8. How much (price) = bikam بِكم


1. Man huwa? مَن هُوَ؟ → Who is he?

2. Maa hadhaa? ما هَذا؟ → What is this?

3. Ayna hadhaa? أينَ هَذا؟ → Where is this?

4. Mata nakulu? مَتى نَاكُلُ؟ → When do we eat?

5. Kayfa haluki? (F) كَيفَ حالُكِ؟ → How are you?

6. Bikam hadhihi? بِكَم هَذِهِ؟ → How much is this?

To ask what time is it, we use the word kam كم, Kam assa’ah? كم الساعة؟

Because the Arabic writing on the textbook is too small, I decided to make my own version that you can download here. But to respect the rights of the writer and distributors, I recommend you to buy the book as well.

eight questions1eight questions 2Practice makes perfect!

The next review, I will show you how to use the subject pronouns such as ana, anta, anti, antum, antuma, antuna, huwa, hiya and nahnu, In sha Allah.

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Jazaakumullahu Khairan for reading my blog.



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