Bahasa Version: My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey from Alif to Yaa | Book 1 Standalone Letters


This is the Bilingual version (English-Bahasa) of My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey from Alif to Yaa. Available on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Book Depository (Free Delivery Worldwide), Barnes&Noble-US, fishpond-AU, Opentrolley-SG, Opentrolley-MY, Aladin-KR, Books-TW. In shaa Allaah. Belajar huruf Hijaiyah … Continue reading

Free Printable: Arabic Numbers from 1-10 Handwriting Practise Page in English and Bahasa

This handwriting practise page is taken from My Arabic Alphabet Workbook 1 – Journey from Alif to Yaa (page 75). Available in English and Bahasa. You can download the printable Arabic Number worksheets below: English Bahasa Terms and Conditions of … Continue reading

Arabic Letters and Numbers: My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey from Alif to Yaa


“My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey from Alif to Yaa: Book 1: Standalone Letters” Ideal for teaching the Arabic letters and numbers. Learn the names of letters in the Arabic Alphabet by tracing, writing and matching the letters.

Available Now: My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Learn the Arabic Alphabet and the Tajweed Rules (Bigbook of the Tajweed Rules)


Available online! Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes&Noble, fishpond-AU, Opentrolley-Singapore, Indigo-Ca, Aladin-KR. 30% OFF for Schools or Madrasahs, please leave a comment below for details (in shaa Allaah). 1. My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey from Alif to Yaa | Book 1 … Continue reading

Review: IQRA NETWORK Learn Qur’an and Arabic Online

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah, IQRA Network ( is a service that connects students with teachers from Al Azhar university to teach Quran. You can learn Quran and Arabic online. I have been looking for a Qur’an teacher for more than a … Continue reading

Mastering the Madinah Arabic Books 1-3

Assalamu’alaikum, Use the link below for studying and mastering the Books 1,2 and 3 of “Lessons in Arabic language” [as taught at the Islaamic University of Madeenah] written by Shaykh Dr. V. ‘Abdur-Raheem]. To read my previous post about … Continue reading