Guest Post; a New Exciting Character Brand for Muslim Children

english all fbGuest Post from sister Sukainah Almasyabi:

Assalamu Alakum! I am a 23 year old muslimah with a BA (Hons) Fine Art. I have always loved being creative and dreamed about using my skills for the ummah somehow. I love any opportunity for ajr and teaching children acts as sadagah jaria, so I sat one night thinking how to achieve just this!
My idea was Jamaal and Layla.

Meet Jamaal and Layla!

Who and what is Jamaal and Layla?

Jamaal and Layla are siblings. They have one pet each. The lion looking pet belongs to Jamaal and his name is Momo. Mimi is the cute pink fluffy pet that belongs to Layla. The pets have fun with Continue reading


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