Basic Vocabulary and Short Sentences in Arabic for Kids 1b

My Arabic Sentences Workbook1b p1Assalamu’alaikum,

This is part 1b of the basic vocabulary and short sentences worksheets (8 pages). Click here to download part 1a.

How to use this workbook

Ask your child to read the sentence in Arabic as your child traces it.

Help your child as needed and praise your child at the completion of each worksheet.

Set the number of pages your child will complete in a day or do the practice for fifteen minutes only. The idea is to end it when your child still wants to do  more.

Please encourage your child to write her/his name.

Practice makes perfect!

My Arabic Sentences Workbook1b p1My Arabic Sentences Workbook1b p7

My Arabic Sentences Workbook 1b


Jazaakumullahu Khairan.


6 thoughts on “Basic Vocabulary and Short Sentences in Arabic for Kids 1b

  1. Assalamu àlaykum,Alhadulillah it’s easy and simple for the kids to learn.Can I download for free? Jazakellahu khayran.

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