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My name is Rahmah. I’m originally from Indonesia, currently living in the UK.

My educational background is in Electrical Engineering.

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Thank you.

Jazaakumullahu Khairan for reading my blog.

3 thoughts on “About Author

  1. Asalaamu Alaykum sister Rahmah! I absolutely love your website. It’s really great mashaaAllah. It’s filled with so much beneficial information for mothers. I also have a blog where I gather anything I find helpful to mothers like myself so I would like to share your website and some of your posts on my blog. I’m asking for your permission dear sister. Of course, I will include your website’s link and information.

    Let me know, also please feel free to check out my blog as well: muslimmothersource.wordpress.com

    Your sister in Islam,

    Um Ibrahim.

    • Wa’alaikumsalam Um Ibrahim, I love your blog too MashaAllah. Please feel free to share my blog’s contents to others.

      Your sister in Islam 🙂 Rahmah

  2. Assalamualaikum, blognya sangat menginspirasi mbak. Kami baca hampir semuanya. sangat bermanfaat dan membantu. mbak Rahma, bisa sharing via email ngga? kami ingin diskusi untuk mengajar alquran taught in english. Terimakasih mbak.

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