Review 3: Part 3 of the 99 Names of Allah

Review 3aAssalamu’alaikum,

You can review the previous 9 Names of Allah using these worksheets (5 pages).

If you haven’t downloaded part 3 of the 99 Names of Allah worksheets please click here.

1. Match the names.
2. Write the translation. Continue reading

Islamic Study; What is Istinja’?


What is Istinja’?

Istinja’ means washing the private parts after passing urine or stool.

Istinja’ is done with water and toilet paper.

Istinja’ can also be done with pebbles if no water or toilet paper is

The one who does not do Istinja’ is not Tahir, pure and clean. Continue reading

Islamic Study; What is Taharah?


What is Taharah?
The Arabic word for purity and cleanliness is Taharah.
Taharah is one of the most important duties for a Muslim.

Taharah means cleanliness of the :
1) mind and soul
2) body and clothes
3) home and surroundings
We keep our minds and souls clean by not Continue reading