FREE Printable Days of the Week Workbook and Poster

Day of the Week PosterAssalamu’alaikum wr wb,

Please feel free to download the Days of the Week Workbook and poster. These workbook (11 pages) will help your child to learn the days of the week, write, spell and arrange the days of the week in order. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

How to use this workbook

Ask your child to say the day’s name as your child colour it or traces it.

Help your child as needed and praise your child at the completion of each page.

Set the number of pages your child will complete in a day or practice for fifteen minutes only. The idea is to end it when your child still wants to do  more.

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Maths is Fun; How to Learn Simple Multiplication for Kids (Times Tables) Part 3/3

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,

This is Part 3/3 of Maths is Fun, How to Learn Simple Multiplication.
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In Part 2, I promised to show you how to multiply 12×12 with this method?

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