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2 thoughts on “Sitemap

  1. Assalamualaykum Wr Wb,

    I am so glad finding out your web for muslim home schooling which I could applied for my children.

    May I know your address in Indonesia? here many moslem parents in Indonesia worries about the regular education outthere but many people who doesn’t have any money to have Sekolah Islam Terpadu for their children because very expensive tariff. your web is very usufel for me.

    Jazakallah for the knowledge in this web which could be share.

    Best Regards

    Ummu Fadhil & Aina

    • Jazaakillah khairan, mbak Anna. I’m so pleased you found my blog helpful.^-^ Alhamdulillah, senang bisa berbagi dan berkenalan.

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