Kids Coding: Basic HTML | Setting up an HTML Document

Learn CodingAssalamu’alaikum,

Previously my son learned coding via but he got stuck on stage three because it was a bit complicated. And then I decided to teach him about basic HTML instead.

HTML is the standard markup language used to create web pages. You can also learn basic html from or you can practice straightaway via So far he has learnt how to create an html document, make a paragraph (text), modify the paragraph using different type of tags. Ok lets start coding.

1. Setting up an html document.
Computer reads a line code just like some one reads a book. You read a book line by line. So does a computer. In order to set up an html document you need to type in coding as below:

<!DOCTYPE html>


html 1
If you notice the coding above, you can see two similar codes ie. <html></html>. The reason is that in coding it has a starting point and an ending point. Just like a full stop, a coma, a punctuation etc in a sentence.

2. Inserting a paragraph
As I explained before, you need to understand that in html you need to have a starting point and an ending point. To insert a paragraph (some text) between html body, we need to start of a command using a <p> tag, this <p> tag is going to be a paragraph text and don’t forget we need to close the text using a </p> tag.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<p>This is Rahmah. Learning HTML is fun.</p>

</html>html aYou can modify the paragraph above using different type of tags. Please see pictures below for details.html bNote: Use the <br> tag if you want a line break (a new line) without starting a new paragraph. The <br> element is an empty HTML element. It has no end tag.html cNotes: <b> for bold, <u> for underline and <i> for italic. Don’t forget to add the end tags.

Jazaakumullah khairan.


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