FREE Worksheets: Part 5 of the 99 Names of Allah (9 pages)

Al Ali-page-0Assalamu’alaikum,

Learn and practice to write the 99 Names of Allah (Asma’ul Husna) in Arabic as well as the meanings in English. Please click here and here to download part 4.

37. Al ‘Ali (العلى) → The Highest
38. Al Kabiir (الكبير) → The Greatest
39. Al Hafiiz (الحفيظ) → The Preserver
40. Al Muqiit (المقيت) → The Nourisher
41. Al Hasiib (الحسيب) → The Accounter
42. Al Jaliil (الجليل) → The Mighty
43. Al Kariim (الكريم) → The Generous
44. Ar Raqiib (الرقيب) → The Watchful One
45. Al Mujiib (المجيب) → The Responder to Prayer

Please incourage your child to write her/his own name.
Help your child as needed and praise her/him at the completion of each worksheet.
Remember to write from right to left.
Practice makes perfect!

Al Ali-page-0Download here: Al ‘Ali, Al Kabiir, Al Hafiiz, Al Muqiit, Al Hasiib, Al Jaliil, Al Kariim, Ar Raqiib, Al Mujiib.

Jazaakumulahu khairan.


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3 thoughts on “FREE Worksheets: Part 5 of the 99 Names of Allah (9 pages)

  1. Alhamdulillah…MasyaALLAH…ketemu jua apa yg ingin ana cari buat permata hati ana..salam ukhwah ya sis dr ana Tarim Yamen..

  2. Salam, sis, Jkh for these pages. I am trying to download worksheet 5 of 5, but unable to do so. Please advise how I can download this?


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