Kids Coding: Basic HTML | Setting up an HTML Document

Learn CodingAssalamu’alaikum,

Previously my son learned coding via but he got stuck on stage three because it was a bit complicated. And then I decided to teach him about basic HTML instead.

HTML is the standard markup language used to create web pages. You can also learn basic html from or you can practice straightaway via So far he has learnt how to create an html document, make a paragraph (text), modify the paragraph using different type of tags. Ok lets start coding. Continue reading

Coding: Stage 1, Introduction to Computer Science |

coding ruAssalamu’alaikum,

If you are looking for a free resource for teaching/learning computer sciences, is a great resource to start!

You can learn to write your first computer program with drag and drop programming. Learn repeat loops, conditionals and basic algorithms. Suitable for ages 6-106 for modern browsers, smartphones and tablets. provides teacher lesson plans, activities/worksheets and video turtorials to help you to accomplish the tasks.

Below are the Lessons/Stages of the Hour of Code: Continue reading

Woodcraft; Building a Formula 1 Car

Woodcraft 7Assalamu’alaikum,

My 9 y.o likes to play with construction toys. Actually it keeps him occupied and busy. His dad bought him a woodcraft construction kit (it’s suitable for ages 7 and up). So I assumed he could build it himself.

And here is his formula 1 car. Although he broke some pieces, he managed to fix it with Continue reading

Electronics for Kids; Project 2, DC Motor and Switch


To find out more about our previous electronics project, please click here.

The objective from project 2 is to show how electricity is used to run a Direct Currect (DC) Motor.

Before you continue reading about this project, you might need to know what is Direct Current (DC). Direct current is an electric current flowing in one direction only, it will always flow from one point to another. Batteries and solar cells produce direct current, they have positive and negative terminals.

You might have heard of Alternating current (AC) as well. Continue reading

Electronics for Kids; Project 1, Electric Light and Switch

project1armh Assalamu’alaikum,

Actually we did some electronics projects in 2012, but I decided to start it again from the beginning using another electronics kit. This kit is more complicated than the kit that we used before, it has 750 projects, yes, thats a lot. If you haven’t read our previous electronics projects please click here, here and here.

We started from the very basic of circuit, Project 1; Electric Light and Switch.
The objective from this project is to show how electricity is turned “ON” or OFF” with a switch. Continue reading

FREE Arabic Class for Group of Students via Skype Worldwide (New Revision)

Free Arabic Class PosterAssalamu’alaikum,

FREE Online Arabic Class for One Group Only (for Kids or Sisters)!. You don’t need to pay the teachers’ fee, the only cost is the price of materials.

Anyone who enters (a group of 3-10 students) and does not win will receive a FREE one hour lesson.

Critical Language Service is offering you FREE 4 week beginning Arabic Class via Skype, to group of students with strong online presences who are willing to blog/tweet/Facebook about the experience and link back to Critical Language Service and Rahmah Muslim Homeschool websites.

A class needs to have between 3 to 10 students, preferably ages 6-10 or 11 and up. The way the program works is Continue reading

Tutorial; How to Make a Blog Button

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,

Blog Buttons or badges are becoming a very popular way to promote and link your blog to others. I will show you step by step how to make a blog button (WordPress only). I’m sure there are different ways to do it, but this is what worked for me.

Step 1: Making a button.

You can use the most basic drawing software called Paint or you can use free drawing software like Gimp, Pixia etc.

Press start Continue reading