Electronics for Kids; Project 2, DC Motor and Switch


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The objective from project 2 is to show how electricity is used to run a Direct Currect (DC) Motor.

Before you continue reading about this project, you might need to know what is Direct Current (DC). Direct current is an electric current flowing in one direction only, it will always flow from one point to another. Batteries and solar cells produce direct current, they have positive and negative terminals.

You might have heard of Alternating current (AC) as well. In alternating current, the flow of electric charge periodically reverses direction. Power plans/grids produce alternating current. The power that is available in your house (from the wall sockets) is alternating current (120 or 240 V AC).

In this project, we need batteries, DC motor, fan blade, switch and connectors. You can see the circuit that we built on the pictures below.

project2brmhproject2armh project2crmh project2drmh project2ermhSUMMARIES:

When the slide switch is closed, current flows from the batteries through the motor making it rotate. Electrical power can be changed into mechanical power. In reality we use a lot of equipment that require DC motor, such as a cordless drill, electric toothbrush etc.

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