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coding ruAssalamu’alaikum,

If you are looking for a free resource for teaching/learning computer sciences, is a great resource to start!

You can learn to write your first computer program with drag and drop programming. Learn repeat loops, conditionals and basic algorithms. Suitable for ages 6-106 for modern browsers, smartphones and tablets. provides teacher lesson plans, activities/worksheets and video turtorials to help you to accomplish the tasks.

Below are the Lessons/Stages of the Hour of Code:

  1. Introduction to Computer Science
  2. Maze (Hour of Code Activity)
  3. Computational Thinking
  4. Graph Paper Programming
  5. Artist 1
  6. Algorithms
  7. Artist 2
  8. Functions
  9. Farmer 1
  10. Conditionals
  11. Artist 3
  12. Song-writing
  13. Farmer 2
  14. Abstraction
  15. Artist 4
  16. Relay Programming
  17. Farmer 3
  18. The Internet
  19. Artist 5
  20. Wrap-up

Stage 1 (Lesson 1) is called “Introduction to Computer Sciences”. You will be introduced with the concept of Computer Science and what a Computer Scienctist does. You will need to complete the worksheets provided by for you to learn to understand how computers read and store data using Binary Strips.

Normally, Binary Code uses “zeros (0)” and “ones (1)” to program. 0 represents “off” and 1 represents “on”. Click here for details of ASCII Binary Code Chart.

Instead of using 0 and 1, turned it into paper strips with squares. An empty square means 0 and a filled square means 1.

You will need to download the lesson plan from website. You need to sign up first before you can access the lesson plan. After you download the lesson plan, you need to print the Binary Strips and cut it into strips. This activity explains how computers read and store data using Binary Strips.

The picture below shows the Binary Decoder Key.

binary decoder keyExample letter A: in Binary code, letter A would be 1011 1110.

The pictures below are worksheets to create binary code using binary strips. Please read the lesson plan for details.

coding st1a coding st1c coding st1d coding st1gNext post, stage 2 Maze (Hour of Code Activity), in sha Allah.

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Photo of binary code:

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