Guest Post: The Significance of Interaction between Homeschoolers and Students at School Level

Guest PostGuest post from Flora G Aleana.

The Significance of Interaction between Homeschoolers and Students at School Level

School education is a solid foundation of every student’s academic life. It is the perfect base on which a student’s academic growth and success is built. The ambience of the school plays a very important role in shaping students’ life. The teachers at school play the role of guardians, teachers and even friends for young children. It is said that a teacher should be like a friend, philosopher and guide for students. It is, in fact, very essential to have great teachers at primary school. Those are the academically and intellectually formative years for children.

Students at school level are very young, delicate minds which need to be taken care of with utmost dedication and commitment. Teachers, ideally, need to mould them into better responsible citizens of tomorrow. In order to do this teachers need to interact with students in school.  The interaction between teacher and student happens the best in a home school. Parents are the best judges of their children in the case of joining the children in school. The major bifurcation in the education system puts public school on one side and home school on the other. Both systems of education have their own pros and cons.

Home school is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of education in the recent years. It is the system of education where the educator is either a parent, an elder sibling or a relative of the child who is getting educated. The child will be at his or her natural best in a home school since it knows the surroundings and the educator too well. Great learning takes place in such contexts where the child is relaxed. When parents believe that they can give their children a better education at home they choose homeschooling.

Home-schooled children can learn just as much as they would in public schooling. The educators, who are usually the parents, and the children need to work hard to cover all subjects and experiences necessary. Parents who home school generally have more education than parents who do not. Homeschooling parents need to be abreast with all concepts and skills needed to educate their children. Students who are home-schooled benefit from the one-to-one attention a lot. It is very much possible only in a home school set up. For example, in a public school if one student does not understand something in mathematics, the whole class will move ahead. In a home school you are the whole class. Teaching does not go forward unless the learner fully understands things. If the learner is capable of understanding more in less time, learning happens faster.

Home-schooled students have a better chance of community learning. They may get to experience hands-on education at museums, libraries and other community resources. Home school should not be reduced to sitting with a parent or a relative with whichever book you want in hand. It has certain regulations to abide by. The prime focus of a home school is the absolute individual attention to the learner which makes sure that the points told are driven home. Home schooling gives students lots of advantages such as more flexibility to focus on specific subjects needed for a future career. Education cannot be imposed on any child. It has to follow its own natural course. A home school is the perfect ambience for educating children giving them utmost freedom and opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Home schooling is not without any rules. Parents are the perfect facilitators of the teaching-learning process and the interaction between the educator and the learner is the maximum in a home school. Children are naturally inquisitive, they should be given the chance to ask questions whenever they want. Unless their queries are answered they will not go ahead with the learning process. They feel free to ask questions and clarify their doubts in a home school. Parents know exactly what the child knows and requires to learn. Therefore, education is imparted at the cozy corner of one’s own house in the best possible manner.

Author Bio: I am Flora G Aleana, doing my profession as a writing expert in academic writing for the last few years. My skills and expertise have indeed given a hand for me to create educational projects such as applications to use before students examinations to increase their marks.

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