FREE Arabic Class for Group of Students via Skype Worldwide (New Revision)

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Free Arabic Class PosterAssalamu’alaikum,

FREE Online Arabic Class for One Group Only (for Kids or Sisters)!. You don’t need to pay the teachers’ fee, the only cost is the price of materials.

Anyone who enters (a group of 3-10 students) and does not win will receive a FREE one hour lesson.

Critical Language Service is offering you FREE 4 week beginning Arabic Class via Skype, to group of students with strong online presences who are willing to blog/tweet/Facebook about the experience and link back to Critical Language Service and Rahmah Muslim Homeschool websites.

A class needs to have between 3 to 10 students, preferably ages 6-10 or 11 and up. The way the program works is that the students must be physically in one place and a qualified native speaker of Arabic teaches them via  Skype. It’s just like a normal class except the teacher is on a screen instead of in the same room. The class would last for 4 weeks and involve meeting twice a week (one hour each time) plus the completion of online activities between classes.

The only cost is the price of materials. The material cost depends on the age of the group and if they have previous knowledge of Arabic. So if its a group around age 9 to adult that knows the alphabet but not much grammar or vocabulary we would use the textbook  “Arabic in 10 minutes a day” about £17 on Amazon UK. For a similarly aged group that claims to know its letters but in reality does not then  “Alif Baa Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds” (3rd edition) about £33 on Amazon UK. “Alif Baa” is a great start to a multi-year program since it teaches standard Arabic and Egyptian dialect, whereas “Arabic in 10 minutes a day” is more immediately practical and much more visually appealing to students. A group that has done GCSE Arabic but not A Levels would use Al Kitaab fii Ta’allum al Arabiyya: A textbook for beginning Arabic (3rd edition) about £45 on Ebay UK and  and its companion website

Each student needs to have a mini whiteboard to write on or a tablet with a drawing app. Students must have a working knowledge of the Arabic alphabet to participate. The Critical Language Service team can recommend apps (not all the apps are free) and YouTube resources to help learners young and old to accomplish this.

Applicant with the most students will be chosen (on the basis of first come, first served). The class will begin on the next available date (this will be discussed with Critical Language Service’s Team). 

Application deadline: 15 October 2013

As soon as we receive an application from a group with 10 students, the offer will be closed immediately.

How to apply: Fill in the application form at the bottom of this page with your name, age group and the number of students with Subject: Join Free Arabic Class.

Free Arabic Class Poster

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  1. I learned my skill in Arabic conversation through Arabic courses in Skype. I have checked a lot of websites, most of them seem to offer typical courses in language. But I found out that offers the most convenient, most efficient method of online teaching. Give it a try! You don’t have to travel and spend a lot of money to learn good Arabic!

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