Islamic Study; What is Taharah?


What is Taharah?
The Arabic word for purity and cleanliness is Taharah.
Taharah is one of the most important duties for a Muslim.

Taharah means cleanliness of the :
1) mind and soul
2) body and clothes
3) home and surroundings
We keep our minds and souls clean by not having evil thoughts nor
doing evil deeds.
We keep our bodies and clothes clean by washing them regularly.
We keep our homes and surroundings clean by being tidy and hygienic,
and not littering or polluting.

If a Muslim is not Tahir, pure and clean, then he cannot perform
Salah or touch the Noble Qur’an.
Therefore a Muslim always stays clean.
The angels are pure and clean and remain close to those who are pure
and clean.
Shaytan is impure and unclean and is always close to those who are
impure and unclean.

Allah only loves those who are pure and clean.

Cleanliness is a part of faith.


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You can download the textbook about Taharah here (page 93-104).

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  1. Asalam Alaykum sister,
    I just wanted to say Jazak Allah Khair for all the hard work. My students that I teach at the mosque down here in Australia have benefited from this website. May Allah (SWT) reward you in this dunya and the next for the wonderful resources.

    • Wa’alaikumsalam Sister,

      Jazaakillahu khairan for your du’a. May Allah reward you in this dunya and the hereafter as well, Aamiin.


  2. Assalamu aliakum sister, jazakallahu khair. So many children have benefited from this. May Allah (swt) give you full reward for this and help you with your kids.

  3. MashaAllah sister. Great work. I pray that Allah swt opens your heart to more such illustrative and simple ways of explaining our beautiful deen to children.

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