Science for Kids: All About Insects

An insect is a small animal that has a hard outer skeleton covering its body called exoskeleton. It has six joined legs and three body parts. Most insects have one or two pairs of wings. There are many types of insects, with different shapes, sizes and colours, which are divided into groups such as beetles, butterflies and moths, bees, wasps, flies and bugs. Sometimes they are also called bugs and creepy crawlies.


Almost all insects start life as eggs, normally they have four stages in their life cycle. Starting from: egg–>larva–>pupa–>adult.

Insects live in lots of different habitat, such as water, wood, soil and plants. A habitat is the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism.

Many plants will benefit from insects as many flowers rely on insects to carry a yellow dust, called pollen. Pollen dust has to move to another flowers in order for the seeds to develop. This process is called pollination.


Compiled by N (8 y.o), edited by Mum
Pictures: Public Domain


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