Guest Post: The World’s First HD Interactive Islamic Stories for Children

IMG_2766Islamic Childrens Stories on iPad

The amazing story from the Quran of Prophet Nuh (Noah) and the great flood, told from the Islamic perspective. This childrens storybook is filled with beautiful illustrations and interactive pages making the story of the Ark and the animals an engaging narrative for all.
Take your child through the popular story of Nuh, or Noah, and his following the order of Allah to build a huge ship called the Ark to save his people and the animals from the huge flood.

–> Gorgeous child friendly HD artwork and illustrations
–> Numerous fun interactive animations on each page
–> Voice narration – Hear each page of the story
–> Large and clear text – Read the story for yourself
–> Fun Memory Game and Jigsaw Puzzle activity with four levels of difficulty”
There is no option for Muslim children at the moment, with the only apps being simple text based stories. We wanted to develop apps that are comparable in quality and content to existing fairy tale apps developed by other companies. We’re hoping to develop 40 further stories and to also expand across other devices and platforms such as Android. For this, we need support, encouragement and downloads!

We hope to serve the Ummah with our products.
Author: Abdul Awwal

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