Second Edition: My Daily Ramadan Record Book – 30 Days Ramadan Journal and Mini Activities for Kids

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My Daily Ramadan Record Book – Second Edition | With a new design and more activities.

It contains 48 pages of full colour paperback (8.5″x11″), including 30 pages of a daily checklist of Salah, fasting, Qur’an recitation record, good deeds record and mini activities (Ramadan puzzles).

In this book, children can keep a record of their daily salah, daily fasting and other daily activities in Ramadan.


• Ramadan Calendar countdown to Eid.
• 60 Ramadan good deed ideas.
• 30 days of Ramadan good deeds chart.
• 24 interesting facts about Ramadan.
• Ramadan Duas.
• 30 days Ramadan Journal and Mini Activities.
• Eid Takbīr.
• Ramadan-O-Meter.

Suitable for ages 8-11

A perfect gift for your loved ones.

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