Day 2: Learn about the Ka’bah

hajj24th of Dhul Hijjah 1434 H,
Al arbi’aa/Wednesday


This is our Hajj activity for day 2, for those who haven’t read our Hajj activity day 1, please click here.

Actually, we did this activity yesterday. I just didn’t have time to upload it.
This is the challenge for day 2;

Day 2: Learn about the Ka’bah

Depending on the age of the children, you can either make a pop-up Ka’bah card or a diorama to teach them the significance of the Ka’bah, its physical features, and important locations around it, etc.

We didn’t manage to make a pop-up Ka’bah card or a diorama instead we continued our map that we made the day before. We cut out the pictures and we glued them onto the map. We placed the Ka’bah, the Safa & Marwah hillocks, tent at Mina, Pillar of Arafat, Rami stones, stone pillars (jamarat), shave/trim hair and animals for Dhabh.objects1






objects2hajj2hajj4We also learned about the physical features of the Ka’bah, sourced from

kabah1kabah4kabah3kabah5The challenge for day 3;

Day 3: Read About Hajj

By now, the children have had some hands-on fun while learning about this pillar of faith. Next, it’s time to enhance this knowledge by poring over some well-illustrated books.

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