Year 2 Autumn Term 2018 Homeschooling Lesson Plans Part 1

Year 2 Autumn 1 Term 1 2018 Lesson Plans-page-001 (1)Below are our homeschooling lesson plans for Year 2 based on the National Curriculum in England:

Theme: Vacation

1. Vacation diary + recount our last vacation (where we travelled; how did we get there).
2. Revise the GPCs and the common exception words taught in Year 1.
3. Read words of two or more syllables that contain the same graphemes.
4. Continue reading the Oxford reading tree books level 2.

1. Counting review – up to 100.
2. Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s forward and backward.
3. Recognise the place of value (tens, ones).
4. Number lines up to 100.
5. Compare and order numbers up to 100 using <, > and = signs.

Science: Differentiate between living, dead and non-living.

Islamic Studies:
1. Revise the 5 Pillars of Islam.
2. Virtues of Shahada.
3. Taharah, Istinja’, Wudhu.
4. Story of Prophet Sulaiman ‘Alaihis salaam.

Arabic Reading: Continue reading the Iqra book.

Foundation Subjects:
1. In Geography, children will: learn about places where we travelled: name of countries and cities, be able to use maps.
2. In History, children will: learn some of historical places.
3. In Art, children will: know about the work of artists can be seen in a wide variety of places such as art sculptures, holiday souvenirs.
4. In ICT, children will: learn how to use mapping software, know about international roaming when travelling to another country.

1. Using maps and globes to locate the UK.
2. Identify the neighbouring countries.

Resources: Story of prophet Sulaiman book, Oxford reading tree books, Out and About with Maisy, Children Atlas book.

Note Autumn Term 1: England: 03/09/18-19/10/18; Wales: 03/09/18-26/10/18
* 03/09/18 = Inset day

You can download the pdf version here.
إن شاء الله

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