Science; The Water Cycle

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Learn about how does the Water Cycle work and download the worksheet.

The water cycle recycles all the water on our planet using the processes: EVAPORATION, CONDENSATION, FREEZING and MELTING.

• Evaporation in the water cycle:


The water lying on the Earth’s surface and in the rivers and oceans is constantly evaporating. This change of state from liquid to gas is caused by:

1. Heat from the sun.

2. Wind blowing over the land and sea.

3. Because the water is spread over a large surface.

Evaporation happens faster on warm, windy days.

• Condensation in the water cycle:


As invisible water vapour rises, it cools and CONDENSES into clouds. These are made up of tiny droplets  of water. As the clouds are blown inland, they rise as they meet hills and mountains. This makes them cool even more, and large droplets of water now form and fall as RAIN, or even as SNOW.

• Melting and Freezing in the water cycle:


When snow falls in high places it can remain there for long periods of time because of the low temperature. This takes water out of the water cycle. When snow eventually melts, the water is returned to the cycle, and flows in streams and rivers out into the sea.

Download the water cycle worksheet.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb.

Source; The Essentials of Science KS2



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