The Names of 25 Prophets Mentioned in the Quran


The Islamic definition of a Prophet is someone who has been chosen and favoured by Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala to convey his message to the people on earth and to bring them to believe in and worship him alone.

In Islam there are two types of Prophets, Nabi and Rasul.

The differences between Nabi and Rasul;

1. A Rasul was a messenger of Allah who was given a new Shariat (codes of law) from Him. And a Nabi was also the messenger of Allah, but he was not given any new Shariat and followed the shariat of earlier Rasul. “Every messenger is a Prophet [Nabi], but not every Prophet is a Rasul [Apostle]. All Rasuls were Nabi but all Nabis were not Rasuls.

2. A Prophet is always a Nabi by birth, but a Prophet become Rasul when he officially receives the post and declares it. For example, our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu #alaihi wasallam was Nabi by birth, but became Rasul when he officially got and delivered the message of Risalat at the age of 40.

3. The Rasul [Apostle] receives the message from Allah in many different manners such as, vision during sleep, direct communication with angels when he is awake. i.e., he can see and speak to the angels during communication of Divine message. But the Nabi [Prophet] differs from the Rasul in that he does not see the angels when awake but sees during sleep.

4. The Rasul is higher in rank than a Nabi.

The Prophet Muhammad was the final and greatest of them.low are the names of 25 Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an in Arabic and English.

1. Adam as (Adam)آدم

2. Idris as (Enoch) إدر يس

3. Noah as (Nuh) نوح

4. Hud as (Hud) هود

5. Shaleh as (Saleh) صالح

6. Ibrahim as (Abraham) إبراهيم

7. Lut as (Lot) لوط

8. Ismail as (Ishmael) إسماعيل

9. Ishaq as (Issac) إسحاق

10. Yaqub as (Jacob) يعقوب

11. Yusuf as (Joseph) يوسف

12. Ayyub as (Job) أيوب

13. Shu’aib as (Jethro) شعيب

14. Musa as (Moses) موسى

15. Harun as (Aaron)هارون

16. Dzulkifli as (Ezekiel) ذو الكفل

17. Dawud as (David) داود

18. Sulaiman as (Soloman) سليمان

19. Ilyas as (Elijah) إلياس

20. Alyas’a as (Elisha) اليسع

21. Yunus as (Jonah) يونس

22. Zakaria as (Zachariah) زكريا

23. Yahya as (John) يحيى

24. Isa as (Jesus) عيسى

25. Muhammad saw محمد

Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb.

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