Maths is Fun; How to Learn Simple Multiplication for Kids (Times Tables) Part 1/3

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,

If your child is struggling to memorize the times tables. Please try this method. Suitable for age 6-7yr as I assume that your child has already had some basic knowledge of multiplication i.e 1×2=2×1=1+1 or 2×3=3×2=2+2+2=3+3.
Here it is the easiest way to learn simple Multiplication. Intended for small numbers only.

Don’t forget to get your pen and paper ready. Remember, Practise makes perfect. Insha Allah, Allah makes it easy for you!.

Please, take a look at this picture!.

Do you get it?

Ok, let’s move on. I will explain to you later, Insha Allah.

  • PART 1

Please memorize these multiplications below:

Have you done it?. It’s easy, isn’t it?

How about 9×6=?

Let’s, try this method!

Do you remember this picture?

  • How many jumps do you need to go from 9 to 10?

Yes, of course 1!

  • How many jumps do you need to go from 6 to 10?

Yes, of course 4!

Now, write 1 next to 9 and 4 next to 6. Like this;

Now, Let’s multiply 1 by 4 (1×4) and write the result like this;

Now, Let’s subtract (diagonally) 9 by 4 (9-4) or 6 by 1 (6-1) and write the result like this;

You have done it. The answer is 54.

So, remember three steps;

1. Make it 10.

2. Multiply.

3. Subtract diagonally.

Now, Can you do my challenge?

7 x 7 = ? 9 x 8 = ? 6 x 8 = ? 8×8=?

6 x 9 = ? 5 x 9 = ? 7 x 8 = ? 9×9=?

How about 7×6=?

Insha Allah, in my next post I will explain to you (Part 2).

Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb.

  • Video Version.


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