Year 2: Spelling Practice Week 8 The /ɔ:/ sound spelt a before l and ll

Y2 Spelling Practice Spring Wk8Y2 Spelling Practice, week commencing: 4th March 2019

The /ɔ:/ sound (‘or’) is usually spelt as a before l and ll.
Regular sounds: ball, wall, call, always, talk
Common exception word: pass
(*plus a homework sheet (page 6) for more able children)

Worksheets: Year 2 Spelling Practice Week 8 or download here.

Instructions to make flashcards: In order to make your “/ɔ:/ sound” words flashcards you will need cardstock (cereal box), printer, glue or double tape, scissors, laminating film (optional).

Cut the words individually and stick them on to the cardstock (optional: with the illustration on the back), laminate them if necessary.

Read the words with your child, ask what pattern can s/he see (excluding the common exception word) and ask how many syllables are in each of the words (you can use the clap method to count the syllables by saying the word and clap your hands together each time you hear a vowel sound).

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