Islamic Stories for kids

islamic storiesAssalamu’alaikum,

Alhamdulillah, You can now listen to Islamic stories with your child/ren online. To listen to the story from this site please click on the titles provided below.


01 Introduction.

02 The Easy Road To Paradise.

03 The Little Ants.

04 A Thirsty Man And A Thirsty Dog.

05 The Crying Camel.

06 The True Way To Allah.

07 The Mother Who Was Not A Muslim.

08 The Cruel Woman And Her Cat.

09 The Sparrow And Her Fledglings.

10 The Door Of Repentance.


My name is Rahmah, I'm originally from Indonesia but currently live in the UK. My educational background is in Electrical Engineering. If you like my blog, please press Ctrl+D to bookmark my page and check What’s new at Rahmah Muslim Homeschool.

13 thoughts on “Islamic Stories for kids

  1. Thanks you so much and hope more programer muslims can create website like this and we (muslims) have to support for our next generation child

    • Aamiin, you’re welcome but I’m not a programmer. I’m just an ordinary Mum who loves blogging :).

  2. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I am looking for kalima audio or video to teach my kids.
    I am also looking for videos to show my kids about the story from the time Allah (swt) made this world, made the first man (Adam) etc.
    If you have please do share with me.

  3. do you have any cds telling of the story of prophet mohammad from his birth to his death for kids

    • Wa’alaikumusalaam,
      Thank you for your duas, May Allah reward you, Aamiin.
      Barakallahu fiki Umm Kulthum.

  4. Assalamu ‘alaikum wr.wb..
    Bu Rahma saya juga dari Indonesia tinggal di Australia, webnya ibu bagus sekali, sangat bermanfaat bagi anak-anak untuk belajar tentang Islam dalam bahasa Inggris, makasi banyak bu..Jazaaakillah khairan katsiran..
    btw boleh minta email bu untuk sharing2 tentang pembelajaran Islam..terimakasih banyak bu…

    • Wa’alaikumusalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

      Maa shaa Allah, salam kenal Bu Aini, terima kasih sudah berkunjung di blog saya. Wa jazaakillahu khairan ^^

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