Surah An Nas (The Mankind) Worksheet

An Nas 3Assalamu’alaikum,

The easiest way to teach your child short surahs is to read the surahs together everyday or at least Mon-Fri before schooling. We normally read the short surahs before we start schooling, started from Al Fatihah (1), An Nas (114), Al Falaq (113), Al Ikhlas (112) and gradually add the next surah down from the Juz ‘Amma.

Your child will listen to you and without you realize, your child will copy you in Sha Allah. I made this worksheet to speed up the memorizing process
(or to make it easier) as well as to understand the meaning in English.

Step 1. Read the surah in Arabic and in English.
Step 2. Write the surah in Arabic and in English.
Step 3. Memorize it using flashcards one at a time. Continue reading