Youtube Video: Learn the Arabic Alphabet for Kids – All About the Letter Baa

Learn the Arabic alphabet (huruf hijaiyah). How to write the letter Baa in the standalone form and the joined form. Sound of the letter Baa with harakah. Purchase the Arabic Alphabet practice workbooks

Bahasa Version: My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey from Alif to Yaa | Book 1 Standalone Letters


This is the Bilingual version (English-Bahasa) of My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey from Alif to Yaa. Available on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Book Depository (Free Delivery Worldwide), Barnes&Noble-US, fishpond-AU, Opentrolley-SG, Opentrolley-MY, Aladin-KR, Books-TW. In shaa Allaah. Belajar huruf Hijaiyah … Continue reading

Arabic Letters and Numbers: My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey from Alif to Yaa


“My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey from Alif to Yaa: Book 1: Standalone Letters” Ideal for teaching the Arabic letters and numbers. Learn the names of letters in the Arabic Alphabet by tracing, writing and matching the letters.

Available Now: My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Learn the Arabic Alphabet and the Tajweed Rules (Bigbook of the Tajweed Rules)


Available online! Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes&Noble, fishpond-AU, Opentrolley-Singapore, Indigo-Ca, Aladin-KR. 30% OFF for Schools or Madrasahs (minimum order: 15 books, excl the postage), please leave a comment below for details (in shaa Allaah). 1. My Arabic Alphabet Workbook – Journey … Continue reading

Free Arabic Alphabet Worksheet; The 99 Names of Allah, Al Basir = The All-seeing البَصِيْرُ

:: Al Basir = The All-seeingالبَصِيْرُ :: Assalamu’alaikum wr wb, Learn and practice to write the 99 Names of Allah in Arabic. البَصِيْرُ → Al Basir = The All-seeing. Please incourage your child to write her/his own name. Help your … Continue reading