Maths: My Numbers Workbook (1-10)

Assalamu’alaikum, :: UPDATE:: Page 12 & 13 have been corrected!. Use this set of worksheets (22 pages) to teach your child to count 1-10 in order. Suitable for preschool ages 3,4,5. You’ll find lots of activities including: 1. Colouring, tracing … Continue reading

Age 3|4|5

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb, The age groups are used as a guide only. Each child should do work according to his/her ability, rather than age. You can download more worksheets on the sidebar menu. Jazaakumullah Khairan for reading my blog. Wassalamu’alaikum … Continue reading

Year 2 Autumn Term 2018 Homeschooling Lesson Plans Part 1

Below are our homeschooling lesson plans for Year 2 based on the National Curriculum in England: Theme: Vacation English/Literacy: 1. Vacation diary + recount our last vacation (where we travelled; how did we get there). 2. Revise the GPCs and the … Continue reading